Yaesu Cat

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Yaesu FIF 232C CAT System Interface for Yaesu Amateur Radio
Bluetooth CAT Interface for YAESU FT 857 897 817 100 TX RX App

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Yaesu Cat

Yaesu Cat

Frequently Asked Questions...

what transport should i take from Narita airport to Nihombashi?

the actually address i am going is HORIDOME-CHO
NIHONBASHI,CHUO-KU, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Without giving the exact location, I can only reccomend taking the Narita Express train or Airport Limousine Bus to TOKYO STATION, from Tokyo Station you can take a short taxi ride. At Tokyo Station take the Yaesu/East Exit to catch the taxi's on that side if you can.


Actually, researching a bit, if you take the limousine bus going to T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal) might be closer to your final destination. For example to the Hirodome Villa Hotel from T-Cat is only five or so minutes by Taxi.

Airport Limousine Bus schedule from Narita Airport to T-Cat (bottom of page)


Tickets can be purchased right at Narita Airport.

However when getting in the taxi make sure you have the address (preferably the Japanese address) and telephone number (if possible, so they can call if they can't find the place) to give to the driver. It will help them a lot especially if there is a language problem.

That is the easiest option.

I can tell you if you did the Tokyo Station route, or changed to the subway to Nihombashi Station, that might or might not put you at the final destination you want.

You will also have to make a few train transfers, so if you are comfortable with changing from JR trains to Subway trains with luggage your first night in Japan right off the plane, thats fine, but I suggest taking a direct bus to T-Cat and taking a short taxi. T-Cat btw is in Nihombashi.

cat Steuerung Yaesu FT 2000

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