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Two Way Radios, One Great Way to Fight Crime

Criminal damage, anti social behaviour orders (or ASBO's) and drunken louts are just some of things you might witness on a night out in many Towns and Cities in the UK, across Europe and indeed Worldwide. So faced with this, what are pub and club owners doing in the fight against crime?

Do you think the so called good old days ever existed or do you think it's just getting older (and perhaps wiser) that clouds our judgement?

It's just that going out for a few drinks and few laughs seemed to be what used to happen. Visit places nowadays though and there's a chance a few drinks and few laughs might be followed by abuse, being made to feel threatened and in some cases physical violence.

Drunkenness, drinking in the street, shouting abuse at passes by, theft, drug taking, vandalism and assaults as just some of the issues facing owners of pubs, clubs and other licensed trade premises.

But maybe things have always been like this and it's just now the media that brings it to our attention. And whether this new epidemic of late night fights and bottle throwing is new or not isn't really the issue.

The issue instead is what is being done by owners of pubs and clubs and take away restaurants to make sure their premises are ones we all feel safe visiting?

The good news is that many are in fact doing a great deal to make your evening out an enjoyable experience.

Things such as:

Pub Watch

Pubs, clubs, local CCTV providers and the police are all working together to make sure our night time venues are safer places. With the use of CCTV, Two Way Radios and trained door staff potential trouble makers can be monitored and dealt with accordingly.


With now over 4.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK alone (or 1 camera for every 14 people) CCTV is used by pub and club owners to not only view trouble happening but to also keep an eye on potential trouble makers.

Two Way Radio

The success of schemes like Pub Watch comes down to all parties (pubs, clubs, door staff and the Police) keeping in touch so they can identify and deal with potential problems.

2 Way Radio gives pubs an affordable solution to this problem as after paying for the handset there is no rental or call charges. Just a quick and easy way to stay in touch and prevent incidents.

Many different types of Two Way Radio are readily available that can help businesses in their fight against crime. Popular models like the ICOM F25SR, Motorola Two Way Radios and Kenwood 2 Way Radios can all be used to stay in touch and make sure incidents are kepy to a minimum.

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